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It’s important for musicians to be aware that radio stations aren’t quite the norm in terms of traditional business structure. Everyone knows what a receptionist, HR person, or manager does —but what about a Music Director, or a Production Director? What about a Maintenance Engineer? Radio stations are loaded with industry-specific positions, the details of which many musicians may not be familiar with off-hand (unless they’ve already done their homework, in which case, kudos). Just as you wouldn’t find a cinematographer at an accounting firm, you won’t find an on-air personality working at a grocery store. Radio stations are largely made up of employees who function in ways specific to the radio business.  For the sake of professionalism, it’s critical for musicians to familiarize themselves with what those positions are, and what the people who fill them actually do. To that end, we’ve assembled this handy guide to radio station personnel.

Edmond Gray
Founder and CEO of Radio Wish International (RWI)

Mr. Appleton's primary duties include that of a promotion manager, and marketing RWI globally. In addition, Mr. Appleton serves as one of four regional directors in the United States. He works directly with advertisers and sales personnel, as well as working with the Program Director put together on-air promotions for the station to put out. Our Business Development or Promotion Directors are in charge of coming up with ideas for promotional events and other ways to generate publicity, such as giveaways, live broadcasts, and contests, they intermingle with all of the other affiliates around the world, particularly people from sales and marketing.

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Edmond Remie Gray, is one of your humble hosts and Founder and President of Radio Wish FM. He can be reached at remiegray@gmail.com
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