Al-Jerome A. Chede
Director of News & Programs
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Al-Jerome A. Chede is our Director of News and Programs here at Radio Wish. Mr. Chede's media experience spans over 25 years. In the media industry, Mr. Chede has nurtured radio station managements, musicians and talent for most of his life. His scope of influence has spanned over twenty nations worldwide. In his capacity as DNP, Mr. Chede leads and manages the planning, production and presentation of news. He supervises our news staff. In addition, Mr. Chede works and collaborate with station leadership and staff in support of Radio Wish International Mission. 
Director Chede supervises news planning, news reporting, news editing and news production. As a result, he helps to define and maintain ethical, editorial, artistic and technical standards for broadcast news programs. Director Chede aslo assists with news programming decisions and news operations. And as the station’s top news authority, Mr. Chede is  responsible for the journalistic integrity of all station activities and platforms. As DNP, Mr. Chede directs the activities of the news staff to develop story ideas, track issues and events, select reporters for coverage, schedule stories for publication, and schedule time for interviewing, writing and editing.

Mr. Chede also serves as the primary editor to insure news reports are produced in an effective, timely and responsible manner.

The DNP acts as a proactive liaison to various internal and external constituencies to advance the station’s news programming. These may include the station programming and operations and development staffs. These may also include other appropriate organizations such as NPR, APM, PRI, etc.