• By: Manaweh Lewis

Lawrence and Shelly Gross will be Interred at the Johnsonville Cemetery

Amidst many unanswered questions surrounding their death, the family members of Lawrence and Shelly Gross, former residents of Minnesota who lost their lives while on their fifth weeding anniversary celebration in Liberia will be laid to rest in Johnsonville Cemetery, outside Monrovia.

Up till press time January 3, 2016, formal autopsy reports from the Liberian National Police and State Pathologist cited carbon monoxide as the cause of death. However, some unverified sources speculated “food poisoning, witchcraft, and others” neither of which is confirmed by an autopsy.

Our correspondent spoke to a closed relative who only admitted, that members from both families, Lawrence and Shelly were garnering financial resources to cover the funeral rites of the couple. The source also indicated that there is a good deal of tension and finger pointing between both sides, surrounding the untimely passing of the couple.

The family source further indicated, that Lawrence and Shelly Gross’ deaths will be mourned by their children in Minnesota, and other family members. According to initial reports, the two were found unresponsive in their Chocolate City, Gardnesville’s vacation residence during the early hours of Christmas. Said residence is the home of Kemah Larkamah, aunty of the late Shelly Gross, and wife of Methodist Prelate, The Reverend Charles Larkamah. A second family member told our reporter that December 25th marked the deceased couple’s 5th anniversary as husband and wife.

According to our reporter, the couple attended a late dinner within the same Chocolate City vicinity, at the home of Lewis Gross, brother of the late Lawrence Gross before retiring to bed that day. It can be recalled, that others had earlier speculated, that there was a brotherly feud between Lawrence and his brother, Lewis Gross. Our reporter was not able to verify any of these speculations. Our reporter attempted a number of times to speak with Mr. Lewis Gross, but was unable to have interview the “closed brother” of Lawrence up to press time.

However, it can be noted, that the late Lawrence and his wife were not the only occupants of the property where the alleged carbon monoxide death occurred. According to our reporter, there were about either other family members including Reverence and Mrs. Larkamah who spent the night at the home where the two lost their lives. Notwithstanding, “both Reverend and his were also found incoherent, however made it through after being rushed to a nearby clinic,” our reported said. “Lawrence and Shelly spent their demises in the master bedroom of Reverend Larkamah, which sits adjacent to the front of the house housing the garage, where the generator is stationed,” our reporter concluded.

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