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Dr. Alan White Lives and Breathes Charles Taylor

Circle Pines: The Former Chief Investigator of the United Nations backed Special Court for Sierra Leone (2002-2005), Dr. Alan White who was very instrumental in the arrest and subsequent prosecution of Mr. Taylor, can be considered extremely credible on matters pertaining to Mr. Charles Taylor and his associates who are bent on sustaining the NPFL criminal empire in Liberia.

It can be recalled that while attending the appeal of Mr. Taylor's Hague's Conviction and imprisonment in the United Kingdom, Dr. White received credible information that Mr. George Weah along with the estranged wife of Mr. Taylor, Senator Jewel Howard Taylor of Bong County had been in closed contact with the convicted Mr. Taylor regarding the upcoming 2017 Liberian General and Presidential Elections. In a Voice of America interview last Fall that can be accessed in the audio section of our page, Dr. White stated that “Charles Taylor has been in discussion with Senator George Weah who recently signed an agreement to join forces with Jewel Taylor – Taylor’s former wife – to support seeking the presidency and the vice presidency. George will be at the top of the ticket”

Although some continue to dismiss the claim as inaccurate, sources closed to Dr. White say that, "true justice will not return to the Mano River Basin if those who have committed wide scale human rights atrocities are left unpunished. Dr. White who is also a global consultant with specialties in public and security sector reform, international criminal and fraud investigations, including war crime crimes, crimes against humanity, and violations of international humanitarian law, is actively pursuing the prosecution of war criminals in the Region.

Dr. White is recognized as an international criminal justice expert and has provided witness testimony at U.S. Congressional hearings. He developed anti-corruption training programs utilized by the Afghanistan Ministry of Interior. Dr. White developed and presented a fraud training program utilized by the U.S. Agency for International Development worldwide. He also collaborates with the American Bar Association Center for Human Rights, FBI Genocide and War Crimes Unit, and the DHS/ICE Human Rights Violators & War Crimes Unit, based in Washington, DC.

White’s efforts resulted in the indictment, and conviction of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia as well as twelve related indictments. Many former human rights abuse suspects tied to Liberia are being rounded up by a joint United States-Canadian-European operations. It can be said, that recently, a long time resident of the United State and former speaker of the erstwhile People Redemption Council, Jeffery Gbatu was rounded up and deported to Liberia for financially contributing to the former National Patriotic Front of Liberia, the NPFL. Another former highly place official of ULIMO was also recently rounded up the Canada. Many are awaiting the trial of Thomas J. Woewoyou in Federal Courts to see what becomes of the former NPFL Defense Boss' testimony.

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