• Manaweh Lewis

Major Public Demonstration Shuts Down Monrovia

Circle Pines, Minn. — Major demonstrations are slated to shutdown traffic in Monrovia on Tuesday, January 31, 2017. The march is intended to raise national and international awareness to the uncontrollable increment in the cost of living for ordinary Liberians. It should be noted that, in recent times, the local Liberian currency is uncontrollably growing against major international currencies, such as the U.S. Dollars.

For a growing number of Liberians, life is seemingly impossible to meet the day to day demand. Some complained that celebrating major holidays like Christmas is practically impossible. “My entire family went without food during this gone Christmas Season,” one local civil servant complained. “Government did not meet its commitment to pay civil servants, he concluded.”

Civil servants are not the only ones complaining. Local business vendors are also feeling the pinch in the spike of the Liberian Dollars on the foreign exchange market. “We rely on a stronger Liberian dollar to buy goods and services. Therefore, when our local currency is no longer worthy on the currency exchange market, our businesses suffer,” a number of local Liberian business vendors complain.

In her recent annual message, the last, Madam Sirleaf admitted her administration’s massive failure in defeating public sector corruption. However, the Liberian leader continues to heap praises on the number of progress the administration has made since its inception into office.

On the contrary, a recent Global Watch report cited the surge of populist candidates, such as the Donald Trump and others to wanton disregard and empty promises by many governments. Transparency International also say, that trust in the Liberian Public Sector is down to 37 percent, despite the recent noise of anti-corruption mechanisms in place. Liberia ranks 90 out of a-176 nations globally.

Local money exchange vendors blame the stifle of our local Liberian Economy to Madam Sirleaf’s lack of answer to stabilize Liberia’s Exchange Market. “What manner of Economics does Harvard University train its students,” one angry vendor who has lost all his business to the spike in foreign exchange, exclaimed. When asked how the rise of the U.S. Dollars affects our local Liberian ways of life, some of the vendors noted that, “the U.S. Dollar has completely engulfed our nation’s economy. No one accepts our Liberian dollar in exchange of goods and services any longer, M. Konneh, a local trader said.

Others have not only blamed spontaneous rise of the rate of exchange, but to bad economic policies as well. "This situation will not be addressed as long as the public sector pays its employees in United States dollars. As vendors, government demands us to pay taxes in United States Dollars, they concluded."

On Tuesday, we are going to close down our business to demonstrate to government, that we are very unhappy, one public transport operator promised

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