• David S. Menjor

I Will End Impunity in Liberia, Cummings Promises Liberians

Alexander Benedict Cummings, political leader of the Alternative National Congress, the ANC has promised Liberians that if given the presidency, he will put an end to impunity in Liberia.

Speaking at a rally at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS), where the party honored several Liberians nationwide for their services to the country, Cummings said his administration will bring an end to the days of impunity, and will have no space for perpetrators of corruption or any other state crime under the law.

He noted that the ANC will make Liberia a better country by growing the private sector, encouraging entrepreneurship that will put Liberians in business, and forming an inclusive, ANC led government that will reflect the geographic, tribal and political diversity of Liberia.

"With the country at almost 170 years, and having gone through all the pains and sufferings, you deserve better, rather than the usual 'try me and I will deliver' promises that are never realized," he noted to loud applause.

On the crucial nature of this year's presidential and legislative elections, Mr. Cummings said: "This election is not about how long someone has been in politics, or how popular you think you may be. It's not about where you come from. This election isn't about those things.

"Liberia deserves better and you deserve better. Every single one of you in this stadium deserves the chance to succeed, to be able to feed your families, and send your children to school. You should be able to find a job when you finish school. You deserve to have the basic human right to electricity and running water."

He said only Liberians can make that possible, and "we must work for and towards it."

Addressing an estimated crowd of 4,000 supporters at the program, the ANC flag bearer said when given the opportunity to be president, his government will succeed by tackling wasteful spending.

"Liberia will realize a more efficient and effective government - one that works for all Liberians. I believe that the ANC and I, Alexander B. Cummings, are best prepared to create the Liberia that you deserve," he noted to roaring applause.

He added: "The ANC believes that the people, and not the government, can build the best nation. We believe in stronger local governments and the bottom-up approach to national development. We believe in a people-centered society where there is not a huge space between the government and the people.

"We believe that private sector expansion and job creation are essential to national security, economic prosperity and political stability. We believe in building a society where economic equality and social mobility are real possibilities for every Liberian."

Mr. Cummings said ANC's mission is to put Liberia first, and make Liberia an inclusive society with a strong working middle class.

"We will do this by inspiring Liberians to take ownership of our country, growing the national budget, making the right choices and prioritizing them," he said.

He told the crowd that "The best way to predict the future is to create it," adding that agriculture, education, health, among several other priorities, will be improved and expanded for the benefit of every citizen.

Mr. Cummings has nearly four decades of international business and management experience, highlighted by a 19-year career at the Coca-Cola Company. Upon joining the company, he served as the Regional Manager for Nigeria, and eventually ended up as President and Chief Operating Officer of the Africa Group.

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