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Norris Tweah Goes After Representative Thomas Fallah For District's Money


Circle Pines — MN: Attorney Norris Tweah, Vice President for External Relations, University of Liberia has threatened to sue Representative Thomas Fallah of Montserrado County over alleged personalization of "fund intended to subsidize private schools within Montserrado County District 5."

"I cannot imagine that a sitting lawmaker in district number five will through the budget process allow for a subsidy to be placed in the budget that will go to his personal school. We need our money back that had been diverted to your school," Tweah alleges.

Tweah made the disclosures over the weekend that the fact that "Fallah's personal school, T-FIVE Academy even though is not in the district, benefits from the district fund," which in Tweah's opinions, "speaks volume of how corrupt Thomas Fallah is."

It should be noted, that Norris Tweah is among those hoping to contest the District 5 seat in this year's general and presidential elections. Counselor Tweah has meanwhile threatened to file a lawsuit against the lawmaker.

The district number five aspirant questioned said he is gravely concern that a lawmaker school will received more than US$45,000, especially when the institution is located outside the district.

But the District Five Representative has condemned the assertion, challenging Tweah to take legal action against him.

For his part, Representative Thomas Fallah on Monday responded, that he will not give credence to statements coming from Tweah since it has no merits.

According to the lawmaker, Tweah is not ignorant to the law as a lawyer and must use the legal process instead of making widespread assertion.

"I respect his (Tweah) view and he is entitle to his view and when he thinks people have violated the law, he's a lawyer, he needs to take me to court. That is my official respond," Fallah said.

However, Tweah frowned on the leadership of the Montserrado Lawmaker, describing it as bad, failed and corrupt thus campaigning against his reelections during the 2017 legislative elections.

"We need our money back that went to your personal school. That money is supposed to be given to Amos T. Taybior, Mount Zion and Herbert Bowier amongst other and not your personal private school," Tweah lamented.

He attributes the underdevelopment of the district to strategy employed by Representative Fallah over the past 11 years to convert funding intended for the district to his personal used.

"We will get that money back. As a Lawyer, I want to assure you that I am preparing document to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, bring this matter to its attention," Tweah intoned.

According to him, there is a total lack of transparency and accountability in the district.

Tweah said: "We do not get report on how projects and programs are designed. There is no participatory endeavor on the part of our lawmaker to ensure that there is transparency and we are launching this campaign based on the fact that we have evidence that will be unveiled and our reliance is based on the budget."

He alarmed over alleged plan by Representative Fallah to transport people from elsewhere for the voters' registration process in District #5, terming it anti-democratic.

Tweah believes that decision to transport people to the district contradicts the electoral guidelines, calling on citizens of that district to expose them.

"For too the people of this district have cry because they have been abandoned, mislead and their resources mismanaged and you have to make a decision to change that once in six years," Tweah added.


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