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Alex Cummings Must Beware and Immediately Embark On a House Cleaning Campaign!

From the lenses of history, perhaps we all can now say that, among the woes that led to Hilary Clinton’s defeat in the gone election, were the gross oversight of her long time aide, Huma Abedin’s reckless mishandling of a new stash of Clinton’s emails that ended up on the personal computer of disgraced husband, Anthony Weiner.

Accordingly, the reopening of the Clinton’s email scandal at a crucial time in the election by F.B.I’s Director, James Comey “now infamous late-October letter to Congress,” perhaps cost Hilary the election. Fairly or unfairly, many blamed Comey’s letter that abruptly swayed the political narrative about Clinton at crucial moment of the campaign.

The world could see that Huma Abedin was completely distanced from the Clinton’s campaign.

At first it was a high placed confidential agreement between Mr. Cummings and the MWW Group LLC, a highly acclaimed public relations consultancy firm that landed in the hands of a key confidant of a rival group.

How did this agreement got in the hands of the Costa Show that is directly tied to Benoni Urey?

Following that was the missing of a laptop belonging to this same Cummings' close aide. Who knows the contents of this laptop that went missing months ago?

Reverting to the rambunctious sex recording involving this same closed confidant of Cummings’, and God knows with whom, must not be simply dismissed in the usual Liberian way, or swept under the rug. How did a highly confidential agreement between a U.S. acclaimed public relations firm and Mr. Cummings or the sex tape between two consenting adults end up in the open?

What else is out there that could hurt Mr. Cummings and his chances of being elected in the ensuing October 2017 Presidential Election?

Perhaps, Cummings’ biggest challenge is how he handles these issues as a candidate who has promised to end impunity in Liberia. Some may ask, but how does the leaking of a sex tape or private contract between two parties violate our laws? On the other hand, how is right to privacy not guaranteed by our laws?

As an outsider looking in, one wonders for whom are these low key leaks really aiming at, Cummings? This top aide of Cummings’ might have to prepare for the reality, moving forward without this aide whose despicable actions are directly tied to his, Cummings’ ascendancy.

From a security point, this Cummings’ aid could be someone that is being sought after either personally or through business from many angles. Cummings will do well without these scandalous inner circles.

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