• Manawe Lewis

Crumbling Liberian Businesses Rescued By Presidential Hopeful Alex Cummings

Wish Info Network (WIN) on the weekend met with a number of Liberian business entrepreneurs who have benefited from a-near U$100,000 micro loaning venture set up by presidential hopeful, Alexander B. Cummings.

It can be recalled that one of Mr. Cummings’ leading policies if elected president, is to build a thriving private sector, through Liberian owned businesses.

Accordingly, Mr. Cummings asserted “I believe in Liberia and Liberian owned businesses, and I am committed to find ways as a private citizen to support and invest in Liberian run businesses. All what I have today is due to this country, Liberia.”

These micro loans are intended to boost the financial growth of the nation and loan beneficiaries.

The decision to set up the micro loan system, stemmed from the recent wave of demonstrations by small Liberian businesses that were unable to cope with the growing cost of doing business in Liberia amidst the uncontrollable rise of the United States Dollars.

Addressing the small group of loan beneficiaries, Mr. Cummings emphasized the importance of private sector growth in the total transformation of our Liberian nation.

Adding “the private sector is one of the primary means through which we can transform this country, and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to facilitate the growth of Liberian businesses.”

Cummings claimed that “these micro loans will provide jobs for many Liberians, more so businesswomen who could further use them to further hire other Liberians for the sale of commodities.”

Let me make it crystal clear, that this micro lending opportunities for market women is not a way of downplaying the importance of Liberian men in the growth of our private sector; however, women remain the pillar of societal growth, and must therefore be supported at all levels, Cummings clarified.

Speaking during the presentation of the money intended for loan, he told the women that the hardship they are facing is not their desire but said their lives can improved if the necessary opportunities are provided them.

The loan, he said, will be another way of beefing up the economic status of Liberian women involved with petit businesses and will serve as a manifestation of his commitment to Liberians.

For his part, the loan officer, Steve Kolubah, told the business women they have to justify their participations in getting the loan by displaying businesses they are involved with as well as locating their areas of residence.

"When we see everything is okay, we will come back to the office and call you to sign for the money and a workshop will be conducted for you afterward," Kolubah registered.

Kolubah noted that the loan scheme is a program intended to boost the women economic status and there are several people interested in the package.

He stated that program officers have already assessed tangible businesses and other people who have the intention of doing business but have no means of getting finance.

"You have not only entrusted us to give them the money but also to help them grow their businesses in becoming successful," he said.

Kolubah revealed that his office has already visited some counties including Bong, Margibi, Grand Bassa and Montserrado and will also be heading for Nimba soon in expanding the plan.

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