• By: Edmond Remie Gray (Op Ed)

Sulunteh Calls for Equal Redistribution of Liberia's Wealth

The Vice Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh has called for the equal redistribution of national wealth from mostly the top 5 percent of Liberians, to all Liberians.

The former Ambassador of Liberia to the United States, Canada, and Mexico made the call over the weekend at a dinner honoring him in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

The event was hosted on May 13, 2017 by the Sulunteh’s Advisory Committee, a local private consul that advice Ambassador Sulunteh on his political endeavors. For the most part, the private dinner session attracted many local Liberian citizens from Bong County in Minnesota and other well wishers from various parts of Liberia residing in Minnesota.

Responding to reasons behind his transition to the ANC, Ambassador Sulunteh cited differences in opinions, and coupled with the proven Leadership experience of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and his vision to transform Liberia. Added, ANC's theme message "Liberia and Liberians deserve better" has a far reaching consequence.

The ambassador also noted that, although the other twenty-one political parties have capped a number of similar programs in their various platforms, ANC's module of fulfilling its political agenda falls in line with my personal goals, the Ambassador added.

More so, Ambassador Sulunteh cited Mr. Cummings’ impeccable tenure with Coca Cola and his level of success in maximizing profit for that institution, as few of the unwavering qualities that could transitioned Liberia's future prosperity. "As Vice President of Coca Cola, Mr. Cummings maximized profit for his bosses. Therefore, as president Mr. Cummings will work as a faithful servant of the Liberian people," Sulunteh said.

Commenting on his role to facilitate an ANC-led Liberia, Ambassador Sulunteh emphasized that his passion to further help Liberians was the driving force behind the decision to vanquish his long held position as ambassador. As a result, "going back to Liberia was the greatest honoring call at this time," Sulunteh mentioned.

In addition, "voter’s apathy among Liberians residing in various parts of our nation is high, Liberians in other parts of the country have expressed huge lack of hope for the future; there are too many broken promises, including ending corruption and impunity; lack of political will to decentralize political activities from Monrovia; and unequal distribution of our wealth from the top 5 per" are reasons for my decision to return home.

I was approached by many other local Liberian political parties to joining them, however, integrity was high on my list, and this was another reason I chose Mr. Cummings, who has a track record of managing over $1.8 billion as Vice President of the Coca Cola Bottling Company with absolutely no incidence of financial improprieties.

"One of the things that attracted me to the Unity Party, was its promise to attract 17 billion dollars in foreign direct investment. But, unless the little man in Butuo or the slums of Slipway feels the financial impact of such a promise, my ambition to help transform Liberia remains unfulfilled," Sulunteh chuckled. Vocational and technical education and the need to establish tax holidays for would be investors, will be paramount on our agenda," the ANC second in command promised.

Other key sectors of the Liberian economy covered in Ambassador Sulunteh's weekend address included, the health sector, which he believes should be decentralized with better trained well paid doctors and nurses, with additional bonuses of taking up employment in other parts of the country as opposed to simply clustering mainly in Monrovia.

Ending, Ambassador Sulunteh called for the total overhauling of our national curricula, with emphasis on natural sciences, as opposed to the social sciences that put out hundreds and thousands of Management graduates yearly, with nothing to manage. As former lecturer, let me report that "the bulk of our graduates today cannot compose simple letter writing." So, there is need to refocus on English and engineering as opposed to sociology and public administration at the college level."

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