• By: Manaweh Lewis

President George Weah Makes Additional Appointments

Circle PinesIn a bid to solidify his government, President George Weah continues with the appointment of his officials. The list consists of a number of first timers in public service. The president most recent appointments include:

Liberia National Police

Patrick Sudue - Inspector General of Police

Sadatu L. M. Reeves - Deputy Inspector General for Administration (101)

Ministry of Gender

Williametta Piso Saydee-Tarr - Minister of Gender, Children & Social Protection

Parleh Harris - Deputy Minister for Administration

Lydia Sherman - Deputy Minister for Protection, Children & Social Welfare

Alice Johnson Howard - Deputy Minister for Gender

Maminah Carr - Assistant Minister for Research & Technical Services

Mamansie Kaba - Assistant Minister for Planning & Administration

Ministry of Health

Dr. Francis N. Kateh - Deputy Minister for Health Services/Chief Medical Officer

Norwu Howard Wesson - Deputy Minister for Administration

A. Vaifee Tulay - Deputy Minister for Research & Planning

Ministry of Labor

Moses Y. Kollie - Minister of Labor

Yvette Freeman - Deputy Minister for Administration

Atty. Phil T. Dixon - Deputy Minister for Manpower Development

Atty. Welma Sampson - Assistant Minister for Manpower Development

Ministry of Finance and Development Planning

Samora Wolokollie - Deputy Minister for Fiscal Affairs

Tanneh G. Brunson - Deputy Minister for Budget & Planning

Jesse B. Korboi - Assistant Minister for Budget

Jeremiah B. Sackie - Assistant Minister for Fiscal Affairs

Patience Kollie-Lawson - Assistant Minister for Administration

Janga Kowo - Comptroller General

Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment

Quiwu Yeke - Executive Director

Internal Audit

General E. Barten Nyensah - Agency Director

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Prof. Wilson K. Tarpeh - Minister

Wilfred Bangura - Deputy Minister for Administration

Jamama Wolokollie - Deputy Minister for Small Business Administration

Debra Nebo -Assistant Minister for Small Business Administration

Josephine W. Davies - Deputy Inspector General for Enforcement

National Security Agency

James Henric Pearson Jr. - National Security Agency

Samuel Siryon - Deputy Director for Special Services

Jones Blamo - Deputy for Operations for VIP Security

Executive Protection Agency (EPS)

Roberts Trokon - Deputy Director EPS

Henry Wolo - Director for Administration & Operations

Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS)

Ledgerhood J. Rennie - Director General

Estelle Liberty-Kermu - Deputy for Administration

Tete Grebo - Deputy for Broadcasting

Liberia Immigration Service

Lamuel E.A. Reeves - Commissioner General

Asatu Bah Kenneh - Deputy Commissioner /Naturalization

Monrovia City Corporation

Mayor - Jefferson Koijee

General Services Agency

Mary T. Borh - Director General

William Dakel - Deputy Director General for Administration GSA

Forestry Development Authority (FDA)

C. Mike Donyen - Managing Director

Liberia Institute of Public Administration

Bill Twehway - Director General

National Port Authority

Cece Cuffy-Brown - Deputy Managing Director for Administration

Timothy Sudue - Chief of Security

Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism

Eugene L. Nagbe - Minister

Eugene Fahgon - Deputy Minister for Public Affairs

Jurah A.M. Sanoe - Assistant Minister for Technical Affairs

Samuel Worzie - Assistant Minister for Information Services

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Elias Shoniyin - Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs

Marie K. Coleman - Inspector General Foreign Service

Jervis Witherspoon - Chief of Protocol Republic of Liberia

Land Mines & Energy

Gesler E. Murray - Minister

Bloatey Scere - Deputy Minister Administration

Emmanuel T. T. Swen - Assistant Minister for Mines

Agnes S. Marshall - Assistant Minister for Administration

Johnson Willabo - Assistant Minister for Planning

Ministry of Justice

Eddie S. Tarawali Assistant Minister for Corrections and Rehabilitation

Ministry of Youth & Support

D. Zogar Wilson - Minister

Audrain R. Forbes-Smith -Deputy Minister for Administration

G. Andy Quamie - Deputy Minister for Sports

Famatta Brewer - Assistant Minister for Administration

Millias Z. Sheriff -Assistant Minister for TVET

Ministry of Education

Minister - Prof. Ansu D. Sonii

Alton V. Kesselly - Deputy Minister for Planning, Research & Development

Latim Da-thong - Deputy Minister for Administration

Sokou Dukuly - Assistant Minister for Science, Technology, Vocational & Special Education

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Varney Sirleaf - Minister

Olayee S. Collins - Deputy Minister for Planning & Research Development

Liberian Institutes for Statistics and Geo-Information Service (LISGIS)

Prof. Francis F. Wreh - Director General

Mariah Quaye Gilayeneh - Deputy Director General/Administration

National Fisheries & Aquaculture Authority (NFAA)

Authority Augustine M. Manobalah - Deputy Minister for Administration/National Fisheries & Aquaculture

Liberia Airport Authority (LAA)

Bako Freeman - Managing Director

Martin J. Hayes - Deputy Director Administration

Paynesville City Corporation

Pam Belcher-Taylor - Mayor


Monsterrado-Florence Brandy

Bong County-Esther Walker

Ministry of States for Presidential Affairs

Trokon A. Kpui - Minister of State without Portfolio

Archie Bernard - Legal Advisor to President

J. Emmanuel Potter - Assistant Minister for Logistics

Kaitee Korto Flomo - Aide de Camp (1)

Prince T. Toe Jr. - Aide de Camp (2)

Stay tuned for more information

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